My order rejected by FraudLabs Pro

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Hello, I try several times to order some decks from that runs on Shopify and get rejected all of this 3 times, due to high risk of fraud.
I am from Ukraine  (Eastern Europe) and its my billing adress, but I use Shipping company, that provide me warehouse place in East Hanover (New Jersey State) (which will cost me less then 15$)
Due to this circumstances I have been rejected several times, and support from this website told me, that I should order directly to my country, which will cost me 140$ (my order is only 129$) and thats not the right choice for me. Or I can ask my trusted friend from America to order, pay and deliver to him, and then, he will deliver my purchases to me. That doenst work for me either, since i am planning to buy on this website a lot of things every month.
By the researches I made, it seems like i can get my order and get my money back, using my bank, which i am not gonna do.

This is my ordering adress (provided by company):
Maxim Cherednichenko
27 Merry Lane NP000144612
New Jersey
East Hanover 07936

Can i get out of FraudLabs list, or can you give me some more advices please
Thanks for your time and sorry for my english)
Looking forward your answer

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That what they told me on Email:

Keagan Aaron (Primitive Skateboarding)

Apr 2, 10:03 PDT

Hey Max, 
we apologize for the inconvenience, but because of high 
fraudulent activity our system has very strict online ordering
restrictions. It's better if you order directly to your address 
in Ukraine or have someone in the US order for you then 
ship to you. 

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I think, the main question, How do I gain trust for Shopify.

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Hi there!

Don here from Shopify!

This is actually a bit of a tricky situation; as any store on Shopify is run as an independent business we're not able to comment on a given merchant's choices for orders they wish to fulfil or not.

If you have been in touch with the store already and they have outlined their position on this there's really nothing further we can advise from here. 

It's up to a given merchant to decide how they wish to run their store and if they don't want to accept or fulfil a given order that is their right as the business owner.

My suggestion would be to try to find somewhere else to purchase your chosen product or to follow the steps the merchant has already outlined to you. 

There would be no way for you to bypass this or 'gain trust' if the merchant does not wish to accept an order under certain circumstances.

Good luck with everything! :)


Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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This is fraud. I just received an order, the shipping address is
27 Merry Ln
East Hanover, NJ 07936
United States
with a Florida billing address. Luckily, I contacted the number on the order. The person answered the phone said she didn’t make any order, but was not sure if her husband did it. I asked her to call back after confirmation. She called back later and said her card was stole, and was charged many time, not only my business but somewhere else. She had already cancelled the card. I immediately cancelled and refunded the order. This address is the shipping address of the fraud order.
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Listen, its not about what you think it is or how you can trust Shopify.  You are a consumer.  Shopify needs to trust you and the sellers need to trust you but that means we NEED to trust your Method of Payment and part of that means we need to trust your ADDRESS...  You selected a horrible address to ship too.  See even today it still has fraud going all over it to this very address. See attached.  You cannot trust an address that has fraud claims of not recieving packages going back 6 years and is still prevelant to today.  The real question isn't how can you trust Shopify but how can we trust YOU?

In my case I called Paypal about this and they advised me to go ahead.  Now someone needs to explain themselves as I seen this coming a mile away.Scamming againScamming againIf it were up to me I would NOT remove you out of FraudLab list.

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I was recently hired by a company named easyships, they send me packages, I would inspect them then I would reship them to a different address. My pay was at the end of the month. Most of the packages were sent to this address in NJ.
As of 10/29/19 they cut me off the login, blocked my phone number and will not answer my emails. In fact PayPal approval letters for $3500 credit line have been sent to my home with different names.
I believe I was a victim to their fraud scheme.
I worked for free for these idiots, I have made a police report in my town hoping they do something about it.