My product needs two shipment company's to arrive at customer, how to set this up at checkout

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I am starting a shop and am having some trouble setting up the correct  shipping.


For my shop i will use dropshippers from the US. As i live on a small island i need to make use of the shipping provided by the dropshipper and on top of that a local shipping company from my island.  A package forwarding service that ships all ordered products by boat to my island.


So the orderflow would be:

1.product gets ordered on my site

2.Product will be fullfillment by company (could be oberlo, etsy, ebay etc.)

3. Product will be send to my package forwarding address.
4.Product will be shipped by boat to island

5.Product can be picked up by customer in pickup center


So actually i need a fixed adress, which would be my package forward address...

How can i set up a similar order flow?