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SHOPIFY - please consider adding features to the shipping section of the platform.  I was using shipstation for years and just found out that shipstation is almost $2 more for shipping than shopify for priority mail.  AND your rates for UPS are 7-8 dollars lower than shipstation.  So we have switched back over to using shopify.  However, we are missing some pretty basic features, such as end of day form and to be able to print a pick list or several packing slips at once for all the orders that day.

The big problem is there is NO ONE out there that even has an app developed for this.  

I know there are a TON of people that would love to have these features.  

Hopefully soon we will see them. 

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I was struggling with the fact that there was no end of day form either- we ship a lot of packages daily and was afraid that the driver would oppose of scanning each individual package. I have been googling a variety of keywords hoping to find an app or a solution that someone found for this. 

I noticed that the UPS shipping labels that I generated through Shopify have an icon of a package with a bow on the bottom right of the label. According to several articles that I found (not from UPS or Shopify but 3rd party shipping companies) that the icon means that they are pre-scanned and don't require scanning or end of day report. 

Here are the links to the pages I found explaining that these are pre-scanned and the driver doesn't need to scan them:

I'm not sure if this is the case with Shopify generated UPS labels too but I clearly can't confirm since these articles are not from Shopify or UPS. I'm really hoping this works since the Shopify UPS rates are so great!

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hi there, I am to confirm if this true and we do not need to run an end of the day report for UPS if we print labels through shopify.  this is a big problem and time waster for my organization.  have you received any confirmation on this or if anyone is shipping UPS can you confirm that we do not need the end of the day if the bow is on the label.  this would be great news and so very helpful.  thank you, april

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This is irrelevant. Unless you're okay with handing your package over without getting it scanned and then having no recourse to claim a stolen package when it disappears and tracking shows you never dropped it off because it was never scanned. Shopify needs to add end of day scan list or manifest. There's no way around it and it's a glaring shortcoming of this ecommerce platform.

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi everyone.

We’re happy to share that you can now generate a SCAN Form for USPS shipping labels purchased with Shopify Shipping using the free Shipping Manifests app. For those who are not aware, when you generate a SCAN Form for a batch of shipments, USPS scans one barcode on the form to accept all of those shipments instead of scanning each package individually. 

Learn more about how to create SCAN Forms on Shopify.

Thanks again all for your feedback

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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We need this for UPS. How can we get a log of all the daily shipments created using UPS or DHL.