Need Help Integrating 2 Fulfillment Centers w Location Filtering: Amazon FBA & Warehouse with API

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Hi all, I really need your help.


Problem: I want to use Amazon fulfillment service for the USA customers and third-party fulfillment service(Private app), integrated by API with Shopify for all the customers outside of the US. Right now, It appears that I can only set fulfillment by one or the other for each individual product.



I can only select 'Amazon FBA' or 'Shopify' for inventory tracking of each product. (See Configure Products section of walkthru)


Example: I have a coffee brewer in my store for sale. Now if a customer from US places an order then it needs to be fulfilled by Amazon and if a customer from any country other than US then it needs to be fulfilled by my third-party fulfillment service(private app).


My current solution: I know it can be done by using two websites one for US customers using Amazon fulfillment service and the other is for all the customers except USA using third party fulfillment service(private app). But the concept of two websites is not effective. It is costly and managing two websites is not an easy thing. So How can I accomplish my goal using only one website


Thank you all for your help.

Nick O.

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Hi @Nickolaughagus,


With ShipperHQ, you can manage shipping rates from multiple warehouses or dropship vendors. You can automate which origin certain products are shipped from, based on the fewest number of origins, origin nearest to a customer or zone restrictions for a given location.


You can also specify where a product is located, such as making all products available via all warehouses or only certain ones. The list goes on and on. You can read more about it on our blog here about multi-location shipping. 


The best way to figure out your shipping strategy is by connecting with our sales team. They would be happy to discuss further and have experience working with thousands of different retailers big or small. You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial and see how ShipperHQ works for yourself.

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Does ShipperHQ integrate Amazon API as well as another warehouses API to then automatically relay an order to either one or to the other fulfillment center?

Will it integrate with Amazon API to receive and report amazon's reported inventory?


While you explained the broad level explanation of your service, you did not get too technical. 

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This is an accepted solution.

I see this question a lot since I work for Bytestand, maker of the FBA Shipping app. Many of our customers use our app to handle their Amazon-fulfilled products, but since Amazon typically won't ship their products outside of their home country, they don't know what to do for international orders.


We've discovered a workaround using the Locksmith app (we have no affiliation with them, we've just found that their app works best for this). Basically you set up two versions of each of your products. One with FBA Shipping as the fulfillment service and the other with Shopify as the fulfillment service. Then you direct customers to the correct version of the product based on their location. It's not a perfect solution, but it's the best option we've found. Hope that helps!

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There is an app on Shopify Appstore to allow link 2 or more Amazon Marketplaces


This can route orders to two or more Amazon marketplace from single Shopify store and you will not need to create an additional product. Just a single product for ALL Countries.


Let me know if this helps? I am co - founder of this app, and can help provide more info ,





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Hi Gennifer

Thanks for sharing this great advice!

I'm in a similar situation and I'm so glad I saw your post. Just wondering if there have been any changes in your workaround using Locksmith thus far




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I am in the same situation.  I ship from multiple fulfillment warehouses and I would like to select the fulfillment warehouse by the marketplace.

for example. If an order comes in from the Walmart marketplace I would need Shopify to direct the order to be fulfilled by the delivery warehouse. Walmart does not accept shipments from FBA.  I am looking for software that would give me the ability to prioritize shipping by the marketplace rather than a product.


I have temporarily gotten around the Shopify limitation by issuing specific model numbers to marketplaces and fulfillment centers, this is not the most efficient way to go but it works.





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Instead of FBA, advise you consider the FBM. Many 3PLs can help you consolidate goods, pick, pack and ship the parcels to your final customers directly. Meantime, they can also make seamless integration with your Amazon store.

The 3PL we are using for your reference: