Need help integrating 3PL warehouse along side current Amazon MCF integration

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Now that Amazon has extended its ban on receiving non-essential items due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to mitigate the risk of having all our inventory fulfilled by Multi-Channel Fulfillment. The solution is to expedite integrating a 3PL, which we were already planning on doing to improve the Shopify-side customer experience.


What we need:

  • 3PL available inventory integrated with realtime feed
  • amazon available inventory integrated with realtime feed
  • All Shopify orders default to fulfill through 3PL
  • Shopify orders that cannot be fulfilled through 3PL will then fulfill through Amazon.

Obviously we would love to keep the warehouse stocked so that we'd never need to tap Amazon. But that would not be feasible at the beginning of this move.


Can someone point me to a solution for this. Probably this involves integrating a third-party app. I would have thought "Locations" could be used for this, but it seems the inventory numbers there are manual-entry? Any pointers welcome.



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I am having the exact same problem. Please instruct.

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I would try OTW Shipping . They use ShipEdge software. Check out ShipEdge and see if that would work for you!