Need help with shipping set-up!

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In a nutshell: I have a business that sells large, awkwardly shaped Derby hats. We have a total of 5 different package sizes we use to ship. My biggest complaint (and point of confusion) is how at the checkout page my customers are being estimated for shipping based off our default shipping option, which is currently a 14x14x6 box (our smallest box size). And if someone is actually buying a product in our 24x24x12 box, and they are being estimated for a 14x14x6 box, I am losing a lot of money. 



14x14x6 box shipped from Kentucky to Texas: $18

24x24x12 box shipped from Kentucky to Texas: $77

The customer sees an $18 estimate on the checkout page, I go to fulfill the order and I am out $59 because they were estimated for a much smaller box. Why doesn't the shipping estimate match the dimensions that are laid out for each product?


I have the following questions:

1) How can I get a more accurate shipping estimate for my customers on the checkout page? 

2) I am using the Boxify app to help upload product dimensions for 600 different sized products, but what I need to know is: do I need Boxify or can I set up individual dimensions AND weights for each product? The only option I see on the product information page is for weight.


Are there any Shopify SHIPPING experts out there?



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I think the weight field is the way to go, it doesn't have to be the actual weight so you can use it for your system.


For example, you could put all the small box products as weighing 1, the middle box weighing 2, large 3, etc.


Then set up your shipping rules / rates based on those numbers.



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The shipping rates depend on various factors like product weight and dimensions, shipper or recipient address. But, in this case, the issue will be the product dimensions. Since Shopify supports only weight and not product dimensions, you will need an app that will help you handle this.


May I know which carriers do you use for handling shipping on your store? Or do you use any app?


In case you are using FedEx, there is no need for you to use Boxify and you can use the FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking app which will help you automate the packing process and shipping as well. 


With the box packing feature in the app, it will automatically configure custom boxes based on your product weight and dimensions and calculate the FedEx rates accurately. There is no need for you to use the default boxes.


You can upload the product dimensions in the app and it will help you configure the perfect boxes and calculate the rates based on this. Also, you can display these rates at checkout, generate FedEx labels and handle tracking as well.


I hope this would help you!


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there is a solution using a system called the "Point system"  - this allows you to set item dimension with point value (cubic inch).

14x14x6 =  1176 points

24x24x12  = 6912 points


since the system know what the points are for the item and box - it will calculate according to the rule set specific to destination.  Would you like to discuss in full detail?  

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I would like to learn more about the "point system"! Please help. This sounds like it might be a great solution to my shipping problem. Thank you.

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Hello @EstuaryHerbs ,


Thank you for the response - We can provide a demo of this feature at your earliest convenience.  I have included a link for the call.