Need some advice on the Order fulfillment process

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Hello Lovely people 

Today I ordered a product from my store (the supplier was Oberlo and not Aliexpress) just to see how things go from there and test everything, and now I'm asking my self few questions I cant answer, was hoping I can get some answers =D

1) I used Oberlo to fulfill the order, but in Shopify the order still shows as unfulfilled, was wondering why?!

2) I have 2 separate debit cards from 2 different banks, the 2nd I made just for Shopify use and keep things separated, now the money was taken from my first card which I paid with but still doesn't show the profit I made in the 2nd card, do i just need to give it some time?

3) If the supplier was Aliexpress instead, I know I can use Oberlo to fulfill the order, but does that mean I must have an Aliexpress account? if yes, I'm assuming I must create an account with my Shopify Email instead of my personal one, I'm I correct?

4) How do I get an order tracking number? shopify order fulfillment has that field which I can fill in, but I cant see in Oberlo fulfillment process

Appreciate any advise

Thank you