Need to ship by size in addition to weight

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I am currently setting up my store and have a few shipping hurdles to overcome. 

1st hurdle: My store sells a lot of different sized items. Some can ship in a 12inx5inx5in box, while others need to ship in a 24inx24inx48in box, and many sizes in between. Depending on the item their weight could be very similar, meaning Shopify would calculate their shipping price equally. However, in reality, once I am processing the order I will end up paying MUCH more in shipping for the larger package than Shopify has calculated and charged the customer. Is there a way for Shopify to calculate TRUE shipping costs using package weight AND size? If not, is there a reliable app that can do this for us?

2nd hurdle: Some items will ship for free, and others will need shipping calculated. If a customer has some free-shipping items and paid-shipping items in the same order I need Shopify to charge only for the paid shipping items. Again, how can I set this up in Shopify? And if Shopify can't do this for me is there a reliable app that can do it?

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Hi Geronimo,

My name is Anne, on the Guru team. Thanks so much for getting in touch with us here on the forums! I

Shopify just allow for 1 default package size right now, though this is with our developers right now so I have added your store name to this request!

- There is an app in the app store called Boxify which may work for you-

- You can set a product that you don't want to calculate a shipping price for to weigh 0. This way a shipping rate won't be calculated for this product.

- Better Shipping ( ;) and Bespoke Shipping ( are a couple of apps that are able to create custom shipping options for your store as well!

- Shipping apps often require calculated shipping- if you need this enabled in your store, please contact our Guru team who'll be able to add this to your current plan. With all apps, you can click on Get support on the app store to reach out to them and find our more :)

Thanks Geronimo!

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Answering for the benefit of others with a similar query.


You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that will help you handle the packaging process with ease. There are multiple packaging methods that are based on the weight & dimensions of your products. You can create custom boxes based on the product dimensions and the app will help you get the shipping rates accurately.

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