New edit orders feature: How to add/edit discount?

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Hi There,


We're trying to use the new edit order feature but can't figure out how to add/edit the discount. How do we do that?


Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hi, @cmscss!


Ash here from the Shopify team. 


This is a great question regarding the new edit order feature. At this time, the edit order feature has some limitations as to what can be edited for an order. Currently there are two notable limitations with regards to discounts:

  • Automatic discounts can't be edited, added or removed. If an automatic percentage discount was already applied to the order however, then it will update to account for qualifying items that are added or removed.


  • Discount codes can't be edited or added. If an item with a discount code applied is removed from an order, then the discount will be lost and the buyer will owe the difference.


While adding/editing discounts is currently not available when editing an order, you’re able to partially refund an order if a discount was not applied prior to the customer paying. We have some great information in our help document here regarding order editing. This page goes over all of the aspects of an order that are currently editable, as well as walks through workflow for adding/removing items from an order, and refunding orders when the order total decreases.


I’ve informed our developers of your interest in being able to add/edit discounts when editing an order. This is great context to have when considering future updates to this feature and the platform. You can check out our changelog here to keep up with the latest updates. 


I’m interested to learn why this addition would be valuable to your business and workflow. Feel free to reply here and we can continue our conversation.

Ash | Social Care @ Shopify 
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We need this too!


We have customers who flout reasonable usage policies when it comes to repeat orders using the same discount code on another email address to the same postal address.


We are very lenient on this but some customers really do take the p**s and we need to be able to amend their order by removing the discount and send them an invoice for the balance before posting. Currently we do that using draft orders but that is not an ideal way of working.


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We need this too!


We create sometimes orders to our outsourced stock to send out products for pop-up (commission sales). I need items to get reduced from the stock but the total price of the order to be 0€ so that they do not mess up the webshop sales reports. If I forgot to add some item and I need to add it later on, I would like to put the price also 0€ for the same reason. Now I have to remember that some products are not sold (yet) and reduce them from the sales report. Or would there be another way to do this? The draft orders do not change the stock amounts?

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Yes, need this feature please!

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We need this feature too. Even just a way to re-apply the original discount so we don't end up sending the customer an invoice for the missing discount?


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Yes this is needed, I agree to everyone in this thread!

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Yes, I need this too.
Editing inv but cannot add discount on the new add in item is very troublesome during this pandemic

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I have a workaround which might help others. Temporarily change the price of the replacement product and use "Add Custom Product" to account for any rounding error.


I wanted to remove a discounted product (quantity of 2) and replace it with another product of the same value (also quantity of 2).  Both products were selling for 2 x $40 before discounting. There were other discounted products in the order, which meant the overall discount was reduced by $2.17 when I removed the discounted product (now quantity of 0) and added the replacement product (now quantity of 2), meaning I would need to ask the customer to pay an additional $2.17.


I changed the price of the replacement product on its product page to $18.91 (because it would not accept $18.915). Then I returned to the order, reloaded the replacement product. Now the order was out by $0.01 (i.e. need to refund 1 cent to the customer). I added a custom product called rounding. Now the order value was the same as the customer had paid.


I hope this makes sense and helps someone else.

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We would like to know how to discount an added item when editing an order? for example, a customer orders an item that is no longer available for $65 but we offer them a similar item that is priced at $70 for the same original price paid. We would like to substitute and edit the order (so inventory is correct) but we do not want the me to be sent an invoice and would like the order to not show as partially paid. Is there a way to do this?