New store, and I can't receive some of my money from Shopify

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I have a new store set up. 3/4 of my payments from customers was sent through to my PayPal account with no issues within a few minutes after customers made purchases. I have 5 payments from customers that say "Pending." The customers say that their card was indeed charged, but i've never received their payments yet to my bank account or PayPal account. I spoke to a rep from Shopify on the phone a few days ago and he said it was because I used a different email to setup my Shopify account from the email I use for my PayPal account, therefor PayPal didn't know who to send the money to, and assured me this is a common mistake with setting up new stores and informed me to call PayPal. Can't get through to them either. These 5 payments have never been sent to my bank account, or my PayPal account. They're still being held by Shopify and PayPal can't help me because they haven't actually came through yet to my account. I can't get through to anyone on the phone now at Shopify, so hoping someone can help me here. 

- Thanks