New to Shopify - Is there any way print a packing slip for a partially fulfilled order?

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I am coming from 3dcart where if we received an order with multiple items, we could split the order as many times (similar to Shopify allowing you to fufill individual items on multi item orders), and when we split the order, we can print a separate packing slip for each item on the order separatly.

I need separate packing slips for different items within one order (lets say the customer orders one item that we drop ship from two different manufacturers, we can't send them a packing slip with their competitors item/items on it). I have to have this ability. Any solutions???

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I know ShipStation lets you split orders and then print packing slips for each order. To my knowledge, you cannot split orders within Shopify. Pretty certain you cannot. ::: Solid Wood TV Furniture for Enthusiasts. Made in USA.