Newbie needs support:-( with carrier calculated shipping

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- I am using shopify basic plan (29USD)

- I am using a multivendor App  from Webkul
- I want.....

So far I have only standard shipping, price depens on the country and the weight of the item.
The only thing what I want to achieve is::My seller should be able to create his own shipping details, which then appears on the checkout. THe Developer of the APp tells me:

"Now your shopify store plan must supports real time carrier calculated shippung which you can enable by contacting shopify team."

Can u please assist me what to do, or which other App I need to install?




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Hi Klaus,

Did you contact Shopify support? I've found them to be very responsive and helpful.


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Hey Klaus,

I’m not familiar with Webkul or their apps, but we have a shipping calculation app (Intuitive Shipping) which also requires Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Rates feature. It’s a Shopify requirement for using any third-party apps that let you control/edit how shipping is calculated at checkout.

Since you’re on the Basic plan, you have a few options – switch to the Advanced plan or higher, add the Carrier Calculated Rates feature for $20/month a-la-carte, or, switch to annual billing to get the feature added to your Basic plan for free and save 10% on your Shopify subscription (most of our App users go with this option)

You’ll have to contact Shopify to get the feature added to your plan.

I hope this helps!

Warm regards,


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Hope you have found a solution for this. Answering the query for the benefit of others.


You just have to contact the Shopify support to  enable this feature. There are two options to choose from. 

You can either upgrade your basic Shopify plan to advanced shopify plan with costs $299/month or add an additional $20/month to your current plan. Also, you can get this feature for free if you opt to pay annually for the current plan you have.


Once you enable this feature, Shopify helps you to calculate and display live checkout rates from carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post etc. Also, there are apps like FedEx Rates, Labels & Tracking app which will help you handle FedEx shipping.

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This appears to me as a case of multi vendor. I am not sure other apps provide multi vendor support. If you are webkul multi vendor app and are looking to integrate it for accommodating multi vendors, then you can get in touch with our team of Multi Carrier Shipping label app. I believe you would additionally need to use the Rest API module of Webkul for getting ahead with the integration.

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