No address details with Paypal payments

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Hello all Shopify-ers, I'm having a recurring issue with Paypal on Shopify. 


When a customer pays by Paypal, sometimes I do not receive an order on my Shopify system (I get the money, order contents but no address details so I have to email the customer - embarrassing). I have queried this with online help and shopify gurus have offered the following help below in italics - none of which solved the issue so I deactivated Paypal in June. I've had no issues since until last night when 2 people were able to pay by Paypal (not sure how they managed!). I did a test today when I reactivated Paypal and it was fine so what's causing this?  I'm using Debut theme FYI.


This was the guru answer back in June:


First up, when you already received the payment from Paypal but order was never created in Shopify, the customer most likely didn't complete the full checkout process. On offsite gateways, the customer needs to wait until they're returned to Shopify's website before we turn it into an order.

This usually means the customer needs to see our "thank you" page to confirm it's a completed order. If the customer closes their checkout window too soon, leaves the website too soon, or otherwise fails to reach the "thank you" page after payment, we record that as an abandoned checkout.

Another possibility is that the third-party gateway took too long to send the proper response back to us. In these cases, the payment would go through on your end, but we didn't receive the required info in the required time window. Instead of waiting indefinitely, we turn the checkout into an abandoned checkout.

Some payment gateways may also require you to manually set up a return URL after payment is successful. (Not sure with Paypal) So you may want to double check to ensure you're returning your customers to the correct URL.

Create Draft Order, Mark as Paid

Usually, if you already received payment with your third-party gateway an abandoned cart will exist on Shopify, you can always recreate the abandoned cart as a draft order, mark it down as paid, and fulfill from there.

At this time, there's no way to turn an abandoned cart into an order without payment confirmation. Recreating it as a draft order would be the next best thing and allows your merchant to complete the order.


Thanks in advance, Rebecca