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At Checkout, it simply says No shipping method for this destination etc.

We are on Unlimited Plan.  We have activated UPS and Fedex as real time carriers.  We have created shipping zones.  We have added shipping rates for the shipping zones created.  We have logged on to UPS and Fedex websites and our accounts are active and returning rates.  We have selected Requires shipping on the product pages.  We have entered weight for the product we want to do international shipping.

It still does not work.  Any thing else we can troubleshoot?

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Hello there!

Jordan here from Shopify :)

Here are a few more things to try when real-time shipping rates aren't showing in your checkout:

  • Ensure the rates you have setup for each shipping zone are set as 'Real-time rate estimates', in the top drop-down menu when adding/editing the rate - and that you have shipping options checked 'on' here.
  • Check that your default shipment dimensions aren't outside of what your carriers offer.
  • Clear your browser cache and re-test, or test from another browser/computer that you haven't yet tried with.
  • Ensure you are testing with addresses inside of the shipping zones you've setup.

Hope this helps! If you still can't get the rates to show up, please let us help you troubleshoot this by getting in touch with via email, chat, or phone:

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