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My customers are not receiving tracking numbers anymore after fulfillment. It simply emails them that their order is on the way. Any ideas why it would suddenly stop working? After looking in our activity history it states that "Shopify has deleted the webhook 'shop/update' pointing to '' due to consecutive failures" I assume this is the problem but have no idea how to fix it. Ayone else run into this problem? or have a fix?

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This is happening to me as well. Fulfilling using Canada Post which is now built into Shopify.  Customers are getting shipping notifications but with no tracking numbers. 



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Hey Jeff and Ryan,

This is Oswald, a Guru here at Shopify!

Jeff - Are you using any third-party app or buying USPS labels via the Admin to fulfill your items? If so, I would recommend to ensure that your store and app are properly synced and check within the app for any error messages when fulfilling the orders, if you receive an error please reach out to the app developer or our team if you are buying the Shipping labels via the admin so we can further investigate this issue for you.  

If you are fulfilling your orders manually, make sure that you are entering the tracking information as per our guide here.

Ryan - If you are fulfilling via Canada Post, please check that the service you are selecting for your shipment offers the tracking (i.e Small Packet does not include tracking and delivery notification)

See Canada post for details - 

If you both are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our Guru team so we can further investigate this for you! :)

Hope the information above helps! :)


Oswald | Shopify Guru

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Sometimes, tracking numbers are not reflected when there is no to show. In Canada Post, the following services have tracking available : 

  • Priority Worldwide:
  • Xpresspost USA:
  • Expedited Parcel:
  • Tracked Packet:
  • Small Packet USA:

For any other service, the tracking number will not be shown. Ideally, checking and fixing this should solve your problem. In addition to this, if you are looking at real time tracking for these services, then the Multi Carrier Shipping label app should ideally work out for you as it sends a message to customers for every change at checkpoint.