Northern Ireland - Separate shipping zone

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Agreed. It's certainly my main reason for considering leaving Shopify
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I'm being told this issue is being considered by the Shopify developers.  I'm sure the developers could separate out the 4 parts of the UK very easily, and this therefore is a actually a customer service issue and Shopify is choosing not to help.  I feel like I'm at the customer service window in a shop, knocking on the window and the people inside are busy counting their daily takings, rather than coming to help.  With Brexit looming, Shopify's lack of engagement is extremely frustrating.

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My Shopify costs have doubled now due to their inaction. I've now actively started looking for an alternative provider. 


In a time of a pandemic, when people are struggling, it's extremely disappointing that Shopify are ignoring the issues Brexit will cause and forcing people to pay more for ehir plan just so they can enable a 3rd party app, that we also have to pay for. 


This is extremely poor form, and shows Shopify have little or no respect or regard for us.. Their customers.. 

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Buying a separate app to ship to Northern Ireland is like buying a separate app to ship to Texas.  

Can Shopify please deal with this now.

Brexit is coming.

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I think we have to keep contacting support about it, so they take it
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Hopefully with Brexit they will resolve ASAP 

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We're also having the same problem.

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Honestly, this problem is ridiculous. What's more, I have seen cases in here today that goes back to 2018 about the very same problem.

I am migrating from Wordpress to Shopify and I just can't believe the amount of basic stuff that Shopify does not cover out of the box - insane! I am starting to regret this.

Shopify sells their system to the 'UK' and therefore must understand that this is a basic requirement for us who trade at this side of the world. They operate Global and forget local needs. This requirement is no different than a system that does not comply with UK Tax Compliance.

Adding another App isn't the solution. Recognising that this requirement is basic and that a lot of small businesses use Shopify, means that we must keep running costs low. Specially in the current climate.

So a company that has done nothing about this since 2018 - what does that tell you?

Also, Brexit is coming, what are they going to do about it?





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Considering Shopify haven't even acknowledge this thread, despite the fact they've been tagged multiple times, speaks volumes..

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The only way to get this sorted is if every one of us that has commented on
this thread contacts support directly to complain. And contact them

This thread isn't an official request, it's just us chatting about it. It
has to go through Shopify Support to be effective. They need to know it's
an issue the Dev team have to prioritise.