Not Being Able To Use Any Credit Card Gateway

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Hey, I'm experiencing a really big problem for a long period right now. None of the Credit Card payment providers are working for me. The reason for that is that I'm only 16 and cannot find any providers suiting my business and are willing to work with underaged entrepreneurs. I tried Stripe, it works with me being 16 but unfortunately, they don't work with 'high level of risk businesses' which also includes dropshipping. I tried Shopify Payments as well but they don't accept under 18. I also have tried other providers like, they're willing to work with underaged drop shippers but they're asking for business bank details, which I'm unable to get since all the banks in the Netherlands aren't doing business with entrepreneurs under the age of 18, meaning I can't open a business bank account. I'm having this issue for over a year right now, within that year Stripe sometimes worked but stopped after multiple days again. We're almost entering Q4, and I'd really like to be able to do business in those profitable months. I already have multiple strategies of how to promote, I have the ideas ready, this is the only struggle at the moment. So my questions are; what provider could I possibly use which accepts high-risk businesses and underaged people? Also, what's the reason that Shopify allows you to start a webshop underaged but not being able to receive CC payments underaged? I really hope someone could help me ;/