Not all items delivered at once. Partial fulfillment or crediting customer account?

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Is there a way to credit a customer's account instead of refunding an item? I deliver locally on a weekly basis, and have occasionally not received all the stock I needed to fulfill orders. I tell my customers I will bring them the item that I was unable to deliver in the following delivery window. How can I manage this from the orders window?

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There are 3 other ways you can give them financial credit:


1) Gift card


2) Send them money via PayPal


3) Send crypto currency 🤓

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Hi @shelleynicole,


Nick here from Shopify. Really good question! 


There is no way to directly credit a customer's account right now, so your best bet is the three options which @JoesIdeas touched on below. 


If you are looking to keep things on the Shopify platform, I would say giving a gift card with the allotted amount would be the best option. You can see more about selling/ allowing gift cards from the guide Shopify has on this here


Should you wish to go the other routes as Joe suggested, they would be conducted at your discretion outside of Shopify. 


Let me know if you have any other questions about this. 


All the best, Nick



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Hi @shelleynicole, I'm Neomi from app. I think our solution will be great for you! using Rise app, you can manually adjust store credit for your clients in Rise customers tab. You can add store credit to any customer in just a few clicks. In addition, using our email builder you can automatically send an email with the new amount added into their account. Read our help center article to learn more.


Check out our listing page and feel free to reach out at if you have any further questions!