Not seeing the 71% or 90% discount on USPS on shopify plan

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We noticed that although shopify says on the shopify plan $79/month you get 71% or 90% off on USPS shipping.  We're not seeing that.   Seems like we get the basic 15% off.     Are we missing something here?


This link explains it and most of our products that we ship are less than 3 lb and less than 1 cu. ft size and the discount doesn't kick in.


Excerpts :

"USPS offers discounted rates on Priority Mail for packages and envelopes that weigh less than 20 pounds and that measure less than 0.5 cubic feet in volume. Consider using cubic pricing if you typically send small and heavy products such as weights or coffee beans."





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Hi Tony,


With shipping rules and restrictions, you can personalize the rates and methods you offer customers online. This is a way to keep you compliant with industry regulations. And, make your shipping experience as smooth as possible for your customer. 


ShipperHQ doesn't  limited to customizing your shipping rates and methods based on only a couple of factors. Here’s a list of factors that you can customize your shipping by:


  • Zones defined by Country, Region/State, City of Zip/Postal Code
  • Price, Weight or Quantity Filters
  • Per Quantity or Weight Unit Charges
  • Minimum and Maximum charges
  • Shipping Groups and Customer Groups
  • Shipping origin-based rules 
  • Box-based rules
  • Surcharge or Discount Live Rates
  • Hide or Show Shipping Options

This is handled by our Carrier Rules functionality, which you can read more about here. The nice thing about shipping rules is you can be as granular as you want, which means you have a major impact on how much you charge and the type of delivery options you provide.