Oberlo User: How do you get supplier to ship product according to your preferred shipping option?

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I have started a dropshipping store using Oberlo. My concern is regarding the shipping. For my store, I am offering free shipping. I have done the necessary settings for this. Users can checkout and by default, the free shipping option is selected. Thinking forward, what happens when users have successfully made payment?


  • Does the order go directly to the supplier?
  • And if so, seeing that my supplier has various shipping options, which one will the supplier go for?
  • Will there be some sort of a backend process on my store that I need to work on after receiving the payment? Like ordering the product and asking the supplier to ship them according to my preferred shipping option?
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Hi @granelyst! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I'm not sure how the process works on Oberlo but I'll answer your questions in the context of Spocket.

  • Yes! On Spocket, the order fulfillment process is automate. Once a customer orders, you'd only have to go on your "My Orders" page and confirm the order in just two clicks. Once this is done, the order is sent to the supplier and the supplier does everything for you. Here's a video from our Youtube channel that explains this step-by-step: Automated Order Processing
  • It really depends. Do you mean you have other carriers your customers can choose from besides free shipping? Does this have anything to do with the speed of delivery?
  • As long as you set your payment method on your Shopify/Spocket profile (on Spocket orders are paid via credit card), the only thing you have to worry about is completing the order as seen in the video I shared earlier.

Hope I answered your questions! While we're at it, and since I used it as an example, have you considered also checking Spocket out? If you're looking for quality products that can be shipped fast from EU and US suppliers, it's worth checking out. You can learn more about the app on Spocket's official website and by joining Spocket's official Facebook group.



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