Offer 50% off shipping for subscriptions

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I'm looking for some kind of app or snippet that would allow one of our apps to "talk to" Shopify's shipping settings. We want to be able to offer half-off shipping when a customer places an autoshipped/subscription/recurring (whatever you want to call it) order.  The subscription app does a live rate configuration - it has a separate payment gateway which adds confusion to be sure. Otherwise, our shipping is currently based on live rates through Shopify for non-subscriptions. The subscription app does not offer a discount on shipping other than free, but upon asking them about this, they suggested that they may be able to work with a shipping app that could recognize a note field tag. I have not yet found any such app.  (There is a tag that appears in the "note field" for each subscription order). I wonder if anyone knows of a shipping app that I could use that would be able to use the tag as a condition to create discounted shipping.  Nothing I've seen in any apps seem to be geared towards this kind of condition but I keep searching....  I'm hoping someone who's done this sort of thing before could offer a suggestion, or point me in a helpful direction. Thanks!

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I have just the app - lets discuss in full detail.  thank you