On account checkout limitted by customer type

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Whilst there are a number of posts that as similar, this combination of requirements hasn't been discussed before. I'm re-platforming a Magento store on to Shopify, we currently have the option for a limited number of customers to checkout on account, but this is only available by prior approval. So only the customers with the option see it at the checkout stage. We sell directly to the public, to business and to wholesale customer of which a small percentage of the latter two groups of customers are given account facilities.


I'm looking at the best way to implement this on shopify, the choices I can see at the moment are:

  • Turn on a payment type of on account for all customers, with a description that states if you haven't pre-arranged this facility then we won't process your order. The issue here is we will be inundated by people trying it on and checking out on account wasting our time as we contact them to tell them to pay for the goods, or worse still loose the order.
  • Add an additional button on the cart page for "One click checkout on account" and only render the button if the customer has been tagged with having account facilities. The button could then post the cart data to a separate service to create an order. The problem here is this completely bypasses the shipping stage and the amount we charge for shipping depends on what is in the cart and where it is going.

Neither are looking that favourable. The fustration here is if we were hosting the platform it is a relatively quick job to find the bit of code that offers the on account option and only render it if the customer tag is set. The problem is only Shopify can implement that and based on the fact this has come up in slightly different ways and the option hasn't added yet, lets assume it isn't an option. Can anyone suggest a solution that works.


Thanks in anticipation.