One location, two shipping addresses

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I only have one fulfillment location, but two different delivery addresses. The address I use depends on whether I ship by USPS, ship by a commercial carrier, or whether I want to enable in-store pick-up. I much prefer shipping by USPS, but they do not provide service to my business location. Therefore I use my home address as my mailing address.

I imagine this is a problem I have in common with businesses who use PO boxes as their mailing address.

How can I toggle between these two shipping addresses without creating a second fulfillment location?

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Okay. I have spent a good day trying to solve this problem and have come up with what seems to be a workable solution. I am not a guru, so please be advised that better solutions may exist, and unforeseen glitches may occur, but I have tested this process against a good number of scenarios. Please feel free to add any further insights or criticisms as needed.



If you are operating out of one location, but require two shipping address options (e.g. one for USPS, one for UPS):

  • Enable Multi-Locations, if you haven’t already.
  • Create a second Location with your alternate shipping address.
  • Enable both Locations to fulfill orders online.
  • Enable Stock at both Locations (inventory tracking does not have to be enabled.)
  • If you enable inventory tracking, populate the inventories at only one of your Locations.
  • If you enable In-Store Pick-Up, populate your brick and mortar storefront Location.*
  • If In-Store Pick-up is not necessary, populate your preferred ship-from Location.

* If In-Store Pick-Up is to be enabled:

  • Populate inventory quantities at your brick and mortar storefront Location.
  • Enable Store Pick-up at that Location.




Where to Specify your Ship-From Location

Once you have created your two locations, enabled both to fulfill orders online, and enabled stock at both locations, a drop-down arrow will appear on your Order Details page which will allow you to specify your ship-from Location. You can find it in the upper-right corner of the section that lists the items on your order, the fulfillment section. The name of your Location which has been populated with inventory will be listed by default.



Using this system, you may have to be very conscious of changing your ship-from address with each order. This is especially true if your In-Store Pick-up Location is different from your preferred Ship-From Location.


Default Location

  • You may want to use your original default Location as your populated inventory Location, since any inventory quantities you may have already entered will remain listed under this Location until you make changes to it.
  • It appears that you can change your Default Location at a later time without affecting how these shipping Locations function. However, you may want to check whether this may affect any other apps you may have installed.

Location Fulfillment Priority

  • This setting does not seem to affect how these shipping Locations operate in this situation.

Enabling Stock at Both Locations

  • Products added after the creation of your second Location will be stock-enabled at that Location automatically.
  • Products existing before the creation of your second Location will need to be stock-enabled manually at that Location. (I’m sure that there is some process to do this via CSV, but in a pinch, it can also be done product-by-product on an as-needed basis, even after an order for a product has been placed.)