One order with two fulfilments

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Hello Shopify Community Team,

We have been receiving orders, with two different fulfilments on the same order. Any suggestions as to why this is so? Kindly assist

An example is as shown 


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Hi @PrimeCuts 

In the example you show, the reason for the separate fulfillment is that the products in the first fulfillment list are products that require shipping, while the product listed in the 2nd fulfillment are set as 'not requiring shipment'. 

Obviously, if you have an order that contains both products that require physical shipping and products that do not require physical shipping, they would be fulfilled separately.

If all of your products do need to be physically shipped, you need to go into the product settings for the products currently marked as not requiring shipping and change that setting.


In the product setup screen for each product, you need to make sure this box is checked: