Online rental payments & customer credit information

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We are starting an online rental business and we need to have access to customer credit cards in the case of unreturned stock, or permanently damaged stock so that we can charge them the retail price (minus already paid)

I understand shopify payments doesn't have the functionality for this, but is there any other payment methods we can use which has this functionality available such as Paypal etc. ? Otherwise is there any other way to create a payment which the customer doesn't have to pay unless we decide they havent returned their stock?



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Hi there Oliver!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for asking about this here on our forums.

There is at least one app out there that might be able to help with how you need to sell here. :)

Check out the DeferPay app in our app store and see if this would suit your requirements.

The app store page states that this app would allow you to charge the customer's card at any point including in future, so might be a good way to handle it in your store?

You can always contact an app's developers using the email address or contact form on the app store page there if you have any app-specific queries.

Best of luck with everything here!


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Hi, that app is no longer available on the app store. Is there any other solution to this?