Only one Shipping Company Is Showing and I need Two

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I'm launching my site tomorrow (fingers crossed).  I'm in Australia and sell shoes I have  a couple of shipping issues


1.  I have two shipping companies I need to use Sendle and Interpacel.  When i put an order through only Sendle appears as an option to send and create a shipping label.  How can Interparcel also show?

2. When I set up my shipping details I have 3 packaging options for 1, 2 or 3 shoes.  I set these up for each region but when someone checks out it shows the options for them to choose.  I expected Shopify to work this out automatically - eg one pair of shoes is 1kg so its that rate etc etc. I didn't expect customers to have to choose the options.  Can you please let me know what I have done wrong in the set up.

Many thanks

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Hey, @ChiquiAlta!

I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this for you. It sounds like something is pushing the product into a higher weighted shipping rate here. Can I ask the weight of the individual products? I can see the rates you have are set to be 0-1kg, 0-2kg & 0-3kg. If one of the products weighs 1.1kg, it will be pushed up to the next shipping rate 2, as it will go over the 1kg cut off for shipping rate 1. It may be best to change the shipping rates to 0 - 1kg, 1.1 - 2kg, and 2.1 - 3kg instead, just to make sure!

What also might be causing this is if you have a set package weight saved in the Shipping settings in the admin, this will also add weight to your order. The package weight is the weight of the box or package that the order is shipped in, so you can save set weights for this to make sure you don't lose out on the cost of buying the package from the post office/shipping courier. For example, if one pair of shoes weighs 0.5kg, and the weight of the box the shoes are shipped in is 1kg, this will make the total order weight 1.5kgs and will push the shipping rate up to shipping rate 2. Do you have any shaved package rates at the moment?


Speak soon!

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