Only use calculated shipping rate above a certain order weight

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I had trouble finding another question with my exact scenario, but I believe I will need an app to accomplish what I need. However, reviewing the apps they also didn't explicitly mention what I was looking for.


My exact scenario is that I want to use Flat Rate shipping for orders under 27lbs and use UPS Calculated Shipping for orders above 27lbs for domestic (US) shipping. What is happening now is that both the Flat Rate shipping rates AND the UPS calculated rates are displayed to the customer during checkout for any orders from 0-27lbs. 


Is there a way to do this natively or does this require an app? And if it does require an app which one would be able to handle this? I had looked at Advanced Shipping Rules, but it seemed to be more about product groupings and had a lot more features that I wouldn't need, while not exactly stating it would meet my needs.

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Currently, you can set up both carrier calculated rate and/or flat rate. This cannot be based on a condition like the one you mentioned about having to show flat rate under 27 lbs. However, the case can be easily fulfilled using Multi carrier shipping label app. With automation rules, you can set up conditions such that :

- flat rates can be charged under 27 lbs
- UPS rates can be charged over 27 lbs. In addition, if you have your own UPS account, you will get negotiated rates here.

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