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The title might be a bit vague. Let me clarify, i'm currently working on the transition of my store from Ebay to shopify and i'm looking into accepting one consignee. Where he remains in possession of the items and payment for these items goes directly to him, or in automated manner. How would i go about setting this up? I believe within paypal the payment pro plan covers this but that function is not available here in the Netherlands.




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Matt from Shopify here, hope you're having a great week so far. In regards to your question, there wouldn't be a way directly from within Shopify to auto send funds to the consignee. It would need to be done through the payment gateway that you select. A list of possible options for the Netherlands can be found here. If you reach out to these 3rd party gateways, they might be able to provide a solution for you in auto sending out funds. :) You could also track the funds yourself, and just do a bank transfer to the consignee each payout period you set with them.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the rest of our support team 24/7!


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Hey Flip_Kortman,
Were you able to find something that fixed your problem? I couldn't quite understand what you were looking to setup? Did you need to setup a consignment model for your Shopify Store? 
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