Option to do a credit card authorization hold?

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Hi there,

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to process a credit card auth/hold in Shopify without any 3rd party apps and without changing all payments to "manual". 

For example, I would love to offer customers the option to try a few items on and just send back the items that they don't want to keep. In that case, we would place a hold on their card for the total amount sent to them and would only end up charging them for what they keep. 

Another scenario is lending items to a stylist for a shoot. We would like to keep a credit card auth on the items in case they don't get sent back or they are sent back damaged.

Has anyone had any luck doing this?


Thank you!

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This use case is similar to what I need for my business... If Shopify is listening, then they can capture more market share if they are able to develop this feature quickly due to covid impacting the hospitality industry so severely...

Specifically, I need to be able to pre-auth credit cards to start a bar tab... then a few hours later when the customer decides to leave, they can close out their tab and we can capture the payment. 

In addition to this, being able to save a cart and have that cart be view the on other POS devices would be huge.... Restaurants, bars, etc would be fools to sleep on the Shopify platform. Please make these features ASAP to help us grow. And lower your CC rate to 2.3%

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I have the same question.  Does anybody have answers?

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