Order Status Page Not Updating Beyond "Confirmed"

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Hello! We've recently started shipping with DHL eCommerce. We use Fulfil.io for our warehouse management system which generates the labels and integrates really well with Shopify. It pushes the tracking number to the order in Shopify, which triggers the shipping confirmation email with the link to the Order Status Page.


The problem is that the Order Status Page never updates beyond the "Confirmed" status, even when DHL shows the item as delivered (photos below). I've seen others talk about this in the forums and I've confirmed all the following:

  • We are sending a tracking number and identifying it as DHL eCommerce
  • The shipments are marked as Fulfilled

The tracking number number displays as the DHL number+USPS number (that is, it's a 40-digit number of the DHL tracking starting with 4 immediately followed by the USPS number, starting with 9: 4XXXXXXXXXXXXXX9XXXXXXXXXXXXXX), which is odd. But if you search the entire thing on the DHL eCommerce site it works just fine so I don't think that's the issue. The link from the Order Status Page works as well. 


I appreciate any insight, suggestions or ideas! I've got tickets in with Shopify and DHL eCommerce but I'm not getting much for feedback. 





Order Status Page - Confirmed.jpg


DHL Tracking - Delivered.jpg




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Hi again - two things. First, I previously said that the number displayed on the Order Status Page was the DHL Number+USPS Number. It's actually an entirely DIFFERENT number that DHL eCommerce calls the Delivery Service Provider Number. 


Secondly, I learned today that the Order Status Page does not "fully support" all the carriers, even if those are available in the dropdown. Sad! 


They suggested adding a tracking module to the order status page as an alternative. And directed me to this page about modifying the Order Status Page.


Lastly, they said to monitor the Change Log for any future releases to begin supporting new carriers, though I think that's a pretty generic answer and not an indication that it's necessarily coming.  


It's not the answer I wanted, but at least I know what I'm working with now. Hope this helps others searching for answers!

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@tckstevens wrote:

Secondly, I learned today that the Order Status Page does not "fully support" all the carriers, even if those are available in the dropdown. Sad! 

Why not change the order status app? You don't need to read all those tech documents, a few clicks will make the work done.


I work in trackingmore.com, we support 639 couriers worldwide.


Here more info of this tracking app. And the order status page looks like this:


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Yes, as you have mentioned, the "Order out for delivery" and "Shipment delivered" notifications will only be sent out when you fulfill orders that have tracking information from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Canada Post. 

For other carriers, only the shipping confirmation email will be sent and you will have to use an app like Shipment Tracking & Notify app, which will help you send tracking notifications to your customers.


The app also allows you to have a "Track your order" page within your store, from where your customers can track their orders easily. Also, from the "Tracking Dashboard" within the app, you can monitor all your shipments from various integrated carriers.