Order confirmation modification based on payment type

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I want to add manual payment option (bank transfer) to my online store and therefore need to modify order confirmation email so that I can display different text when this new payment option is chosen. 

Current order confirmation works well for prepayment as I can say that order is being processed as we speak. But for bank transfer we need to add text about payment and that order will be processed after payment is done. 

I would know how to do this for delivery types, but do not find strings for payment types. Anyone could help how to fix the code so that I can have different texts based on payment type. 

{% capture email_body %}
{% if requires_shipping %}
{% case delivery_method %}
{% when 'pick-up' %}
Powiadomimy Cię, gdy zostanie wysłane.
{% when 'local' %}
Twoje zamówienie jest w trakcie realizacji.
{% else %}

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