Order notes, intermittently being removed

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Hi there

I am hoping someone my be able to advise.

We are having an issue with our check out process and the 'order notes' function.

'Order notes' are enabled and come through for most orders. However, we have had examples where

1. A customer has added the product to their cart, added a note regarding that product. Then decided to keep shopping and when they've come back to the cart to check out, the order notes have been removed.

2. Similar to the above but rather than continuing to shop, we are also seeing the order notes being removed through the process of paying with PayPal.

It seems that if you move away from the checkout page and then come back to it, any order notes are being removed?

Any advise on how we can stop this? Ideally, customers would be able to add a note and it would stay there regardless of payment method or adding additional products to the cart.