Order notifications on TV or similar

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Hello all,

Our orders are increasing and I'm about to take on the task of fulfillment for at least one other Shopify store. What I'd like would be a one page view of all new orders on a large TV screen. 

My intial idea was to use RSS feeds and an Apple TV but I'm struggling to find an Apple TV app which will cope with authenticated RSS. 

I cant help feeling that someone must have done something like this already! All ideas much appreciated!

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Depending on what typ of tv you had, maybe just plugin an iPad and find an amp that does RSS. There might be an app on the Ruko device. Pretty easy to setup your own free channel on Ruko and do RSS feeds. 


Good luck. 

- Charlie

Hi Greg,


From what you've written here it seems like you might benefit from Gleebeam, an app I've created for automating notifications on TV dashboards.


I've written a blog post about how to connect it to Shopify using Zapier. The notifications can be made less celebratory than shown in the blog and can include any information about the order you'd like to see! If you're not a Zapier user we could discuss a custom set-up using Shopify webhooks to solve your problem.


Let me know what you think and if you've already solved this by now!

★ Automate custom TV dashboard notifications → gleebeam.com