Orders only partially fulfilled. We sell digital and physical products. What do we do?

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Hi there, we sell ebooks and physical products.


As you can see below, the entire order is only getting partially fulfilled. The eBooks are getting fulfilled and the physical product isn't (unfulfilled). 




My current workaround is that I duplicate the order,  delete the ebook orders and resend a new physical item to customer. I note it as being PAID OUTSIDE OF SHOPIFY.  A couple of questions:

  • does that mean the client doesn't pay again (because I clicked on PAID)? 
  • when I go back to the original order, do I click fulfilled? or leave it as is? or delete? what are the consequences of each scenario? 
  • *I also make a note of the new order for the physical product that was duplicated and resent.

Need a better solution:

  • How can I automate this process so that all digital products and physical products get fulfilled?

Thank you