Own API for a dropshipper

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Can someone tell me if this is possible:?

We are a dropshipper and have many customers selling our stock using Shopify.

For many of our products we provide calculated shipping rates via our own API ( price is determined by destination postcode and SKU only, there is no option to select the carrier or service etc, so it is very simple)

This is because we sell many large items such as furniture and whitegoods etc.
Many sellers have been asking us for a solution becuase those bulky products using this API pricing cannot be listed on Shopify due to the shipping cost varying by 600% depending on the destination postcode.

I am happy to contract a development team to develop a Shopify shipping App to solve this problem, however there would need to be some simple requirements on the Shopify side for this to work so hopefully I can get clarification on whether this is even possible before we contract a developer:

1) At an item level the seller would need to assign the shipping type for the product to our shipping module / API.

2) If the buyer was buying several items, all the shipping prices would need to be added, however the buyer would still have our shipping price from our API added to the total shipping regardless of any shipping selection made at checkout.
IE: If the buyer selected 'DHL' because some items were from another dropshipper, our API price would still need to be added to the total for those products shipped by us, and the DHL module would need to ignore them.

I am thinking if we did have a shipping module it might just be ignored if the buyer selected a different shipping method, so there is no point in writing an App.

Is it possible to code a solution to this problem? It would be a major win for many dropshippers and resellers dealing with bulky items.