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Hello Guys,

   I use Pag Seguro and PayPal gateways on my e-commerce. All the data from PayPal are shown in Google Analytics, but data from PagSeguro do not appears in Google Analytics. What to do?

   When I called Google, they said the problem was with PagSeguro, PagSeguro however says the problem is with Shopify and Shopify asks me to hire an expert and says the problem is with PagSeguro.

   Anyone else with this problem? Anyone knows how to fix this?


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Hi everyone,

I am basically facing the same issue. I am using the payment gateway Pagseguro for a brazilian e-commerce. I am not retrieving my conversions within Google Analytics, due to the fact payments happen on PagSeguro domain... 

As opposed to some other payments gateways, I believe PagSeguro does not offer a native integration with Google Analytics, where I could just paste my GA property ID. 

Anyone knows a solution ? Can I paste GA Global Site Tag within Pagseguro ? Any other idea ?

Thanks a lot !