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I have emailed and called and tried to use the online chat system and nothing is working. I have a very large payout due to an influx in sales, thanks to a few bloggers promoting my business. I have applied for my EIN & registered my business and am just waiting for everything to be finalized. My payout is now estimated for June 15th??? That is not acceptable I have to order supplies to fulfill these orders. I have to rent an office this week to fulfill all of the orders. How is my business suppose to operate? I would have chosen Wix or SquareSpace if I knew Shopify would hold my payouts the moment my business starts to grow. 

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Bear in mind the impact of Covid19 let alone standard business days.


Be sure to check the admin Settings > Payment providers > Shopify Payments > Edit > Payout Schedule

Be sure to check any and all email addresses used to sign up for your gateways or banks.


Payout schedules and holds can vary by a combination of the products being sold, the payment gateway used, banks or credit cards involved, how customers paid, ,etc, etc.

For different cases search the forums, example keywords: payout schedule hold




If you are using shopify-payments as your gateway try contacting them


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