Package not delivered and status reads Pre-Shipment

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An expensive package of a customer's product was personally handed into the post office two weeks ago tomorrow.  The delivery status at the USPS site for the tracking number still reads Pre-Shipment, meaning that the post office is still waiting on the package at the originating location.  But the local counter person told me on April 30th that the package was never scanned in there, that the buyer chose the slowest method of delivery, Parcel Select Ground and that it could be delivered any day now.  After all, it is a rural address.  The supervisor said the same during a phone call on May 1.  Still not buying that since the package could have arrived on the moon by now, certainly to a domestic buyer within seven business days according to the USPS website, I requested a missing mail search this morning.  I plan to file a claim with the post office since this will likely be my first charge back.  

Finally, my question.  Is it necessary to also file a police report?  Is there a time limit to do that?  Not sure how long the claim process will take and $250 is a lot of money for me at this point.   

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Sometimes, this explanation is provided by USPS staff when there is a delay from their end. The best solution to this is to file a claim for it. Also, going forward, it would be better to insure your packages. In addition, opting for alternate carriers for shipping certain type of products is also something that can be explored. Finally, registering a police complaint at this point would not make sense, as it has been a few days only and there is denial from USPS. 

As stated above, it is always better to use multiple carriers to fulfil deliveries and use a standard tracking solution which shows real time status of the package.

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