Packing Slip Template Custom Attributes

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I'm late to the party, but I have three stores I support that would shift to packing slips if all the order fields were accessible, priority on order attributes, since that is critical to the packing slip. 

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+1 here too.   This seems like a very basic thing that should be included.

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Also arrived here while looking for info on accessing note_attributes in the packing slip template. Pretty disappointing that this is only available in the Order Printer App as some people have pointed out that there are efficiency issues with using this method

I hope the Shopify development team add this very minor attribute to the liquid template variable list

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Does anyone know has the Attribute in packing slips issue been resolved by shopify? 

I seem to be having the same issue - but I'm rather awful at html so just want to check if it's user fault or still a system limitation.

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+1 from me. This should be such a simple feature to ship: Expose more data to the packing slip. Come on Shopify this is nuts! Give people access to the data you expose everywhere else. Whoever is the PM for Packing Slip, please put this into production! Such a simple ship.

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I can not agree more about the need to add this functionality to Shopify's own Packing Slip Template capabilities.

As it stands, we print our packing slips and handwrite the personalization or other details we collect to create custom pieces as they are ordered.  We spend a not-so-insignificant amount of time cycling through our orders and verifying these details in an effort to streamline our shipping process.

While we do not process a large volume of orders, it is easy to imagine that doubling our orders will quadruple the amount of time we spend sifting through order details to ensure that our customers get exactly the product they have ordered.


We are extraordinarily happy with the service Shopify provides and look forward to seeing more software implementations that will make the process more efficient for it's users.

     - Dillon Mendes