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I am trying to customize my packing slip template to include the custom attribute for delivery date.


I include a delivery date picker in the shopping cart:


 <input class="datepicker" id="date" type="text" name="attributes[Delivery Date]" value="{{ }}" placeholder="select date" required>

Which then gets passed to the checkout page like so:


     {% for attribute in order.attributes %}
     '<h2>Delivery Date</h2>',
     '<p>{{ attribute | last }}</p>'
     {% endfor %}

It then shows up in ORDERS section for each fulfillment item under ADDITIONAL DETAILS, right under the NOTES section.


I also include the delivery date in my notification templates:

{% for attribute in attributes %}
    Delivery Date: {{ attribute | last }}
{% endfor %}

What I can't seem to figure out is how to include the delivery date in the Packing Slip template. If I use the Order Printer App, I can display the delivery date like this:


{% for attribute in attributes %}
{{ attribute | first }}: {{ attribute | last }}<br>
{% endfor %}

But I can't use this same code snippet in Shopify's packing slip template itself without using the app. I've tried the above calls and they do not work. Is there a way to do this? It really should be easy to add the same variables to all their templates the same way for ease of use and consistency, but maybe I'm just talking nonsense :)


If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.




Hey Mark,


Unfortunately there are not as many variables in the native Shopify Packing Slips feature as there are in Order Printer or Order Printer PRo, so you don't have access to the "cart attributes" of an order.


The following help article lists what you can access and display:


Kinds regards,


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Hi Mark @mgenest ,


Don't know if you're still looking for a solution.

We're using personal print to print our invoices, and it lets us do quite a lot more in terms of personalization than the other invoices apps we've tried.

There is a drag and drop invoice builder, but it also lets you play with liquid as much as you want, and has additional options to include "smart" personalized content for each customer, depending on what they order and if they're recurring or not, etc..


We're also using it to send some automated personalized thank you notes to our customers for about a year, and we love it for that!

They just get printed along with our invoices, so it's zero extra work.. I'm an advocate! 😄👍


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Why would shopify prevent its own liquid language working in its own system?


This is absolutely awful. To print with an app, you require 7 clicks and lots of loading time from click to click. We need to print orders for our kitchen, we need to click a button and print, not to choose, open, action, click order printer , open orders again, choose order, click, choose print, choose page, and wait in between. We need to click & print. Simple as that. The only way to do that is through shopify's packing slip, but now we learn shopify does not support its own language inside its own system.


Why would you do that?

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Actually I believe that Personal Print allows you to do just that, at least printing from the order least!

I think they support Liquid too!
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I took the 3 minutes to test it and your app is just another app like the many other ones out there. It also requires to click on the more button, choose your app from the options, then click on the app, wait to be transferred to your system, then choose the order, then click on it again, then print.


On top of that, do not see why would anyone pay when you can get a better app for free such as Shopify's own Order Printer app.

For a couple of very basic stylistic features that you can just as easily add on your own for free?


This is about editing Shopify's own Packing Slip, to avoid all these clicks, not spamming about an app.

Apparently we can edit it but not with the liquid attribute variable, which makes it pointless since this variable is required to tell the packer, whether the order is for delivery, pickup, shipping and so on and forth. Without the attribute variable, the only editing that can take place is stylistic nonsense rather than things of substance.

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Hi! Did you manage to find a solution to your question above? We are also trying to add cart attributes into Shopify’s packing slip:

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I've just been speaking to Shopify support regarding this as I am also looking to achieve the same result, in a hope to stop using the order printer app as it takes quite a lot of time with the cookie authentication screens.

It is on a request list for new features, so we shall see. In the meantime you can either print the order in its entirety, or use the order printer app which has access to order cart attributes.

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+1. We need access to cart attributes in the packing slip template. We previously used Order Printer for all this, but since we're now using multi-location warehouses, Order Printer can't tell where line items should be fulfilled from.

Crazy that time and effort was put in to add these restrictions.


Please add this simple access to all relevant data so we don't have to use 3rd party systems.