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Hello! Is there a way to allow for partial shipping? I have some products that are pre-order and I would love to ship the instock items and send notification of shipping to my customers without closing out the entire order

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Hi, Shantel!

Savannah here from the Shopify Guru Team. 

You can absolutely partially fulfill an order while leaving the rest of the items unfulfilled. When you're shipping the order, you'll just need to select which items you're shipping. We have a step by step guide on how to do that here. Take a look, and let me know if you have any questions!

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We process a large number of orders and use a fulfillment house so we have to keep automatic fulfillment enabled.

How would we still process instock items but backorder pre-order items?


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Would love to see an update on this. We are in the same boat about large order volume and having to keep the order fulfillment processed streamlined. It's standard in our industry to have backorders so im trying to find an app/solution to deal with this.