Partially Fulfill Pick Up Orders

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We’ve started to use the new pick up feature launched by shopify which was a nice addition and one we had wanted since migrating to shopify a year ago, but the feature is lacking the ability to fill orders partially. We manufacture custom products that clients may purchase online or in store with us while we also have goods that are readily available and often purchased at the same time. Without the ability to close orders partially this feature is becoming a problem as we cannot easily track items that are filled. Currently we’ve had to tag orders and add comments and are using spreadsheets to log items that aren’t filled. Please if anyone has found a solution that allows you to close out partial items in a pick up order reply here with the fix.
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I think I can solve your problem with Order Automator. It's an app to automate order processing tasks. I led the development on it, and we often do custom features for stores if the app's current feature set doesn't solve the problem.


If that's appealing to you, send a contact from the app page with the details of exactly what you'd like automated, and someone from my team will help you solve your problem.

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