Partially Fulfilled Order Purgatory

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I have a customer that recently cancelled part of her order before we were able to fulfill the order.  We issued a partial refund, then fulfilled the remaining item in her order.  Now, this order is showing up in our "unfulfilled" order count.  Based on what I'm reading in the forums surrounding this topic, there appears to be a major shortcoming in Shopify's design. 

Is there a workaround or will this order always be stuck in "Partially Fulfilled Order Purgatory?"

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Hi there Russ!

My name is John and I'm a Guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for posting here about your "Partially Fulfilled Order Purgatory". :)

There is, as you suspected, a great workaround you can put in place to ensure only true unfulfilled orders show up in your unfulfilled tab in your orders menu.

We can save a custom search that we will instruct to only show orders where fulfillment is 'not fulfilled' and payment status is 'paid'.

This search would then be saved over the existing 'unfulfilled' search tab on your orders so that only the orders you need to process still are shown there. :)

To perform this, we would start at your orders menu before selecting to filter orders near the top.

We want to put in place two filters as outlined above; click fulfillment status and select 'not fulfilled' here and 'add filter'.

Next, we would do the same for payment status and set this to 'paid'. :)

We now have a search that will only show the orders that have come in, been paid for and have not yet been fulfilled.

You have the choice of saving this custom search as a new tab in your orders, or if you prefer, you can overwrite the existing 'Unfulfilled' search with this newly filtered search to only see orders which still need to be processed there. :)

Have a go at implementing the above on your store to see if you get a workable unfulfilled search and let us know if there's anything else we can help out on here!

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Hi All, I had the same issue, refunded part order, rest delivered and fulfilled, but its still counting as open orders.

Now with below trick, I am able to get rid off that order from open order counting.

Under Orders, click on 'Open' order filter, then select the orders which are fulfilled but counting as open orders, then click on 'Actions'  and click on 'Fulfill orders'

Hope this helps.

- Mehul Patel

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This little bug is very annoying. I use Stamped App to collect reviews for my store and have just found out that all orders that are marked as "Partially Fulfilled" will not receive any review requests. Sometimes a customer cancels an item and we fulfill the rest. This leads to Shopify automatically marking the order as "Partially Fulfilled".


I tried the trick suggested by 


Apparently there's no way to change this status so the orders as officially "Fulfilled" and Stamped App can fire the review request emails.