Partially refunded items still showing in ShipStation

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The issue we're having is when a customer orders multiple items, changes their mind about one item, then asks for it to be refunded and we do so in Shopify, but the refunded item/order does not update to reflect the updated order in Shipstation. In the order details on Shopify it shows that "X" item(s) is Unfulfilled and the other item(s) are refunded but the order in Shipstation will still show all the items from the original customer order before the refund was processed.


We used to be on BigCommerce and a partially refunded order would eventually update but now it does not, even after days. Is there another step we need to take to have these updates reflected in ShipStation?

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It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong here, just that ShipStation isn't listening for the refund. I would contact them to see if they have a solution. If not, there's probably a way to create a custom solution that will send order notifications to ShipStation via API... but I assume they would have this as a feature already.

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Hi, @mywazoo!

Julie here from Shopify Support.

As @JoesIdeas mentioned, it does sound like there is an issue with ShipStation's connection, so contacting ShipStation would be a good next step. Have you had a chance to do so yet? 

I should also mention that, according to this ShipStation help doc, orders are not synced in real-time. While each store has a setting that allows ShipStation to automatically import your orders at periodic intervals, this feature has a minimum of a two hour delay, so this may play a factor in why you aren't seeing them update. Have you tried initiating a store update in your ShipStation app to pull your latest order information? If after doing so, it still isn't updating your orders, then it's strongly recommended that you reach out to ShipStation's support team, as they will be able to offer full support on this app. You can find their contact information here.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions. 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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This thread was marked as solved, but can the OP @mywazoo  provide some more details as to how/if it was solved? Shipstation support are becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of, and we're in exactly the same position, having moved from BC to Shopify+. @JoesIdeas assumption is correct, that's how it should probably work, but that doesn't seem to be the case, which is unusual, as in our experience, most things seem to work better with Shopify than they did with BC. Thanks!

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I am not seeing that this is working either - we noticed because of this, a product that was refunded in our Shopify was sent to the shipper and almost shipped to the customer. (partial refund on an order - so keep in mind the would be removal/refund of an active order. Whole order cancellations appear to synch immediately).

If this integration is not fully synched, it is Shopify/Shipstation's job to alert the merchant when making the integration. I reached out to Shipstation and they confirmed this is not possible because Shopify does not provide this API endpoint to make this possible. 

@shopifysupport - can you please look into this and get back to us? This is a liability for the many merchants who rely on this integration and would have no idea this is an issue or to look for it. With hundreds of orders, full teams managing refunds, and multiple platforms to manage, an endpoint like this is an absolute no-brainer, and expected!