Partially set up amazon pay and they are now saying they cant confirm my identity and i dont qualify

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I guess I had only partially set up amazon pay and they are now saying they can't confirm my identity and I don't qualify after them charging my customers for months and almost $10000 in sales! How do I get my money? I was under the impression when it charged my customers it was in working order... plus it showed me a client and seller ID in the amazon pay section under payment methods... shopify showed the orders were paid and the gateway info said it was successfully charged. 

what I sent amazon before trying to finish the setup process-

None of my transactions or account balance are showing up from my Shopify store amazon pay payment method. I guess I had only partially set up amazon pay on the actual amazon website and they still had to confirm my identity, email, and to select the deposit method. Prior to this my customers were charged via amazon pay for roughly 5 months since the original setup but I'm unable to see any of the transaction history or accrued funds. Will it only display this info once they confirm my identity? I tested Amazon pay on my Shopify account myself and it did indeed charge my card so id imagine my customer's payments have been processed as the status of payment on Shopify says 'success' and the app status on amazon says 'Active' but without the history I'm totally in the dark. Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.

Amazon just keeps saying they couldn't confirm the info for my account and cant allow it to transact at this time... i may of goofed entering the info cuz my old amazon seller account was set up and run by my ex girlfriend so I could focus on other platforms but they arent even telling me what info wasn't correct or allowing me to revise it. 


Any help is tremendously appreciated I'm having a small panic attack about possibly being out that much money....