PayPal really at fault here, but maybe Shopify should poke them for a solution

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I'm one week into being online with my shop.

Roughly half my customers so far have used Paypal (which makes sense for the age demo of my customer base). BUT, PayPal's wait 21 days scheme for newer businesses accepting money is not acceptable to a brick & mortar business. The 3-5 days after shipment tracking marks as delivered does make sense but there is a separate huge flaw when you can't provide a tracking number to PayPal:


So my business has been open 61 years in the same location and our business PayPal account has been used for a few years to satisfy the needs of paying international vendors.  I connected it to the Shopify payment options because I wanted it to be easy for customers to pay for their orders.  

BUT FROM A CUSTOMER PERSPECTIVE, me holding their order for 3 weeks for something they thought would be ready the next morning (and physically was picked and packed by 930am, is completely outside of acceptable. I can blame it on PayPal after the fact but from a customer service aspect, it is a total failure of exceeding expectations-which is what we seek with every customer interaction.

I have deactivated the connection to our PayPal account in Shopify because as a business we can't wait 3 weeks for payments on orders.  It's sad, but customers will have to use a credit card directly.

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Call Paypal and Pitch a B*tch.  They'll change it.