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Hi there,

I'm a UK based operation and I am hoping to confirm whether there are ANY merchant accounts for a business like mine.

In short, we run what the UK government describes as 'free prize draws' - you can either buy a ticket online, or enter for free via posting your entry in. The winner is then chosen at random and wins a prize and are looking for a payment gateway and merchant account that can help us process payments.

Any help is appreciated, thanks Liam
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Hi Liam,


I  did some research on high-risk payment gateway in the past and this is some of the stuff I learned.


You will need to search around for high-risk payment gateways (Google) and call them and ask to speak with their underwriting manager to see if they would approve of your business. Don't bother speaking with the sales rep. Their goal is to sign you up as quickly as possible. You don't want to submit all your personal documents only to be told that they no longer approve your business.  Each payment gateway is very different with each having its own stance on what business they would accept.


Doing a quick Google search will give you quite a bit to work on to figure out what the policy for each payment gateway is.


I hope this information helps you a bit. 






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