Payment Gateway Options for South Korea

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I currently don't see South Korea listed in the page with Payment Gateway options by country. 

I am located in Korea and planning to set up an online store with a US customer base. I want an easy, reliable tool that will work for my customers as well as provide good service in terms of payouts. I hoped to use Shopify Payments, but since it's only available for the US, Canada and the UK I need to look for other options. Your suggestions would be appreciated. 


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Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't seem to have a recommended payment gateway option for South Korean stores. However, you should be able to use PayPal Express, which will allow you to accept payment from users through their PayPal accounts.


I'm not sure if PayPal Pro is available for Shopify stores in South Korea, but if you can get that set up, you'll be able to charge to regular credit and debit cards in addition to PayPal accounts.

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Hi JJ,

Colin here from the Shopify Guru team. 

2Checkout would be your best bet if you're located in South Korea. Not a problem with the American customer base - you can install a curency converter on your shop to have all prices appear in American dollars. 

Hope this helps!


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Hi, When you set up shop in South Korea, did you accept KRW? or USD? I am not sure how to deal with this below --- You should review any potential legal or tax implications involved with selling in a currency that is different from the one associated with the country where your store is located. Regards,