Payment Gateway that only redirect back by manually setting a URL

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My client has a third party checkout solution that centralizes his orders from many sales channels, and also liquifies his earnings by conducting strict rules, a big advantage for good and reliable businesses.

The problem now is that this partner is not so well integrated with Shopify, making conversion and checkout analytics tracking really painful. When an order has been completed, they show a proprietary "thank you" page and place the order on Shopify via API, but that doesn't register on analytics. They have these form inputs to setup URLs for "checkout complete" pages, where they will send POST data to be worked with, but that also doesn't count as a conversion in Shopify or analytics, as it's an ordinary page on Shopify. I can't seem to grasp how to "use" the checkout complete pages on Shopify this way I need.


I tried using webhooks and JSX to send GA events with parallel conversion data every time an order is placed inside Shopify via API, but with no success. That was really a shot in the dark to artificialize how Shopify send conversion data to GA.

My question is: Can I redirect users via URL to Shopify after the checkout process? Can I manually set conversion data in GA, using webhooks inside Shopify?

Thank you so much!