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I'd really appreciate some help if anyone is kind enough.


I created my shopify store a few months ago and let it be dormant while I made it in to what I want. I am a hotel manager of two usually busy airport hotels and due to the Coronavirus they have been closed for 5 weeks and I thought it would be ideal to fully start my store. I've had numerous problems though.


Our store and sell watches and some accessories. We contact both manufacturers and retailers and buy their inventory at low prices and then pass the savings to our customers. All our stock is genuine, brand new, comes with full Uk vat receipts and we have a list of our suppliers for every product.


Here the problems started. 


We received our first order which was classed as "highly risk" because the customer bought it from japan and had it delivered to the Uk. Shopify advised us to contact the customer which we did and received valid Id and address and we let shopify know. We followed their advice and boom, our payment is being held for the next 3 months......even after following their advice? this is very bad for cash flow. 


We then got a "random check" and our account was put on hold until we could prove we was an authorised reseller of the branded products that we sell. We explain our business plan and provided receipts and a full supplier list (which in all my experience of business I have never had to do and really smacks against our company confidentiality and provided all ID also). Shopify said even though we did everything they asked we could no longer use Shopify payments and that they advise us to use Stripe for our payments. In the email they also said we would get our held payment on April 1st (the payout date) not in 3 months. We had to message 4 times to get this reply btw.


So we changed to stripe. Stripe the very next day said we had a customer complaint about using their details and had broken their terms and condition. We replied back straight away and they escalated this and it was their mistake. They are still investigating why but it has something to do with Shopify putting a hold on our account. We then got an email asking for us to given them proof we are an authorised supplier. we told them we wasn't and that's why we changed to them because Shopify recommended us, but they said even though we gave a list of all suppliers and receipts that we cannot use them. 


So we sent yet another email to shopify explaining that we hadn't got our payout yet and provided proof that they said we would receive it on 1st april and that we followed their advice to stripe and that shopify needed to take their hold off our account as it is messing with our payment provider.


5 days later! Shopify replied saying they are gonna hold our money (despite saying it would be paid out to us!) and that shopify payments is ran by stripe and to try someone else??


Now I am lost what to do. I have a legitimate business with genuine products, a full paper trail and supplier list and I have no idea what payment provider to use. Is my business "high risk" because I buy and sell just like any other business in the world? I asked for my problem to be raised to management but it wasn't even worth a reply. I don't know what to do now I have lost a full week of sales and my first payment (about $400) is being held without explanation. We have followed EVERYTHING shopify has asked. 

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We are having a similar problem with them. Have you received payment?